Application for a German passport

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Application for a German passport

Your passport is the most crucial item to have while traveling overseas. Make careful to keep it safe. Do not pull it out during the entire procedure. You may snap photographs as needed. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding applying for a passport. Our knowledge goes far beyond your wildest dreams. Incomplete materials, insufficient qualifications, insufficient academic qualifications, loss of cooperation certificates or investment contracts, loss of Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification, loss of residence cards, student ID cards, registration certificates, loss of dual course transcripts, loss of internship certificates or internship contracts are examples.

Other issues include:

Expedited certification processing, degree certification transfer to degree, certificate certification transfer to degree, unqualified transcripts, unrecorded joint courses, unrecorded cooperation projects, failed multiple subjects, failed thesis, failed to graduate normally, graduate school certificate, and graduate school diploma. Unsatisfactory, the application deadline cannot be met, the visa timeframe is insufficient, there are issues with preparation courses, credit transfer issues, education connection issues, and so on...

1. Applicants for German investment residency must have an excellent business record of at least three years and a college degree.

2. Investors who reside and invest in Germany establish a business with a minimum registered capital of 25,000 euros.

3. A college diploma or its equivalent.

4. Following approval of the establishment of a company in Germany, the applicant, his spouse, and children (under the age of 16) can obtain a German residence visa, and the applicant and his family can be included in Germany's medical insurance and pension insurance intentions with this residence visa.

German Schengen visa: (All visa papers have been streamlined and updated).

1. The original passport; please give an old passport if you have one.

2. Two 2-inch-square color photographs with a white backdrop.

3. a copy of the ID card's front and back, as well as the original "Household Booklet"

4. A copy of the working unit's business license or a copy of the organization code certificate with the official seal.

5. An English employment certificate.

6. Last six months' bank statements (very important).

7. A copy of the real estate certificate (please include as much information as possible if you have a driver's license).

8. A duplicate of the marriage certificate.

9. For retirees, please supply the original copy of the retirement certificate; items 4 and 5 are not required.

10.Travel insurance for the Schengen area.

11. If minors under the age of 18 are accompanied by their parents, notarized documents and evidence of kinship must be provided. Notarization and authentication are essential when traveling in a group (our attorneys may assist you).

12 Authentic hotel bookings. This journey's itinerary. Orders for genuine airline tickets.

Visa for visiting relatives in Germany: (Children and relatives visiting relatives in Germany must be chosen).

If your child is studying in Germany and you wish to visit him or her, you must get the following visa:

Your youngster will need to present you with: 

1. A scanned copy of your child's invitation letter (friends working in Germany supply the actual copy of the municipal government's reception certificate). (New).

2. (2) A scanned copy of the student ID card and evidence of enrolment.

3. A scanned copy of the visa and a copy of the child's passport page.

4. A scanned copy of your child's passport.

You must give the following materials:.

1. A genuine passport.

2.Two current two-inch color photographs with a white backdrop.

3. A copy of the ID card's front and back, as well as the original of the household registration booklet.

4. A copy of the business license of the working unit or a copy of the organization code certificate with the official seal.

5. Employment certificate in English (the template is provided by our company).

6. Semi-annual bank statement (most important).

7. Photocopies of real estate certificate and driving license.

8. Copy of marriage certificate.

9. For retirees, please provide the original copy of the retirement certificate, and items beyond items 4 and 5 do not need to be provided.

10. Schengen travel insurance.

11. Provide the notarial certificate of kinship in Chinese and English (5-7 working days) and the certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (5 working days).

12. Real hotel reservations. The itinerary for this trip. Authentic airline ticket orders.

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