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Applying for A Dutch Visa

Visas are divided into immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, study visa, tourist visa, work visa, business visa and family visa, so there are a lot of problems in the middle. If there is a problem in visa application, please contact us if you need.

Applying for A Dutch Visa Description

Visas are divided into immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, study visa, tourist visa, work visa, business visa and family visa, so there are a lot of problems in the middle. If there is a problem in visa application, please contact us if you need.

The following are the requirements for visa application:

Materials required for studying in the Netherlands are:

1. A completed and signed application form.

2. A valid passport (one that is valid for at least one year and has at least one blank visa page).

3. Photos

4. A dual-certified birth certificate (required).

5. Double-certified marital status notarization (only for married people, invalid for more than half a year).

6. No criminal record notarization and dual authentication (if necessary, please ask in advance).

7. Domestic degrees and transcripts.

8. A letter of acceptance from a Dutch University (if a preparatory course is required before the formal course begins, relevant school proof must also be submitted). .

9. Financial proof (including scholarship proof) or proof of payment of tuition fees and living expenses.

10. Medical clearance certificate (invalid after one year).

The procedure for a Dutch visa is simple:

The Dutch Embassy in China is located in Liangmaqiao, Beijing. It opens at 9.30am, but be sure to get there early if you want to apply for a visa.

Outside the embassy gates, people often form a spontaneous line, some writing down their numbers to avoid being cut in. When the embassy opens, follow the guard's instructions. Because the Netherlands has more visas, they form two lines at this time. Sign one into another, like that.

Once inside the embassy, go all the way to the main entrance. Once inside, the visa officer will be at the two Windows on the left and hand over the documents directly like a bank. If the visa is reversed, it will soon be fine.

Generally, it is not what I will ask you, nor is it necessarily when you sign. Sometimes you will not ask when you ask, but don't be afraid, the visa officer can understand Chinese.

After signing, the visa officer will take away the necessary materials, then ask you for 390 yuan, and then give you a small receipt and a slip of paper to get the visa, and then you are done. It usually takes 3 to 4 days to get the visa, and it takes several weeks to complete the visa.

The typical process for a Dutch student visa takes about two months. In fact, it takes about three months for students to apply for a university and get a visa. In other words, it is too late to apply in June and go to school in September.

To apply before the application deadline, any kind of delay will delay the application. If a student wants to apply for a scholarship program, he must first be accepted by the school. Once accepted, schools can consider scholarship applications before you leave, so you'll need to apply earlier. Another advantage of studying in the Netherlands is that the whole visa process may be more important for Chinese students. In this case, any student who can reasonably be admitted to a Dutch university and meets the admission requirements will face many obstacles in visa application. Not enough is enough.

It takes two months to get a Dutch visa, so be sure to prepare well in advance when applying for a Dutch visa, so as not to delay your study in the Netherlands.

Finally, it should be noted that the annual tuition fee for Chinese students is maintained at about 50,000-70,000 yuan a year, and the living expenses are about 60,000-80,000 yuan, and they can work legally in the Netherlands, working 10 hours a week and working all day on holidays. It will not put a huge financial burden on students and families.

2. Application conditions for skilled immigrants in the Netherlands.

1. Conditions of the applicant's Chinese company:.

1. The company has a certain history and has been established for at least two years.

2. The registered capital shall meet the requirements, reaching more than 300,000 yuan.

3. The business is in good condition and there is no special requirement for annual turnover.

4. Have a certain scale of operation.

5. The registered capital of the Dutch subsidiary/branch shall not be less than 50,000 Euros (the applicant for registered capital can be flexible after obtaining the visa).

Ii. Personal Conditions of the Applicant:.

1. Under the age of 55.

2. He has been the manager of the company for the past three years.

3. The company is not a major shareholder.

4. College degree or above.

Preparatory work:

1. Improve your language skills.

First, if you want to immigrate, you must pass a language test. Now English is the world's common language, most countries require immigrants to have some basic English communication ability. In addition, some countries require applicants to learn the local official language of the country, so spend some time learning English and the local language and obtaining relevant certificates before considering emigration. The immigration office will also assess the English level of the immigrant, but for a whole family, only those who are able to work need to be able to speak the local language.

2. Determine the method of immigration.

In addition, before immigration, also want to determine whether to choose skilled immigration or investment immigration. The application method of skilled immigration is relatively simple, but the requirements of individual skill level are relatively strict, and most of them are for individuals and families with higher education. If you have achieved certain achievements in a certain professional field, immigration procedures will be relatively simple, the whole family can immigrate, and the immigration fees are not high. Many companies and schools can handle immigration procedures for skilled immigrants who have received admission letters from local companies or schools.
3. Advantages of immigration to the Netherlands.

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