Applying to a prestigious Australian school

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Applying to a prestigious Australian school

Classmate T

Shenzhen Binhe Middle School

Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University, Wollongong University

High school average score of 80%, 2020 college entrance examination score of 415 in humanities

Student T's grades in school have always been above 80, but he performed poorly in the college entrance examination and failed to reach the undergraduate level. After consulting with our consultants, as they did not want to add any preparation courses before their undergraduate studies, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Wollongong University in Australia were able to apply for admission through their three-year high school average, which made T very happy because these two schools were already on T's volunteer list.

Apply for comments:

1. To complete the application process, an IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 is still required.

2. Full 3-year high school grades must be provided. Science students can apply for all majors, while humanities students can apply for business, art, humanities, law, social sciences, and education.

When applying for admission, it is necessary to explain your professional intention to the school, and the consultant will provide relevant advice to the student based on their situation.

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