Canada ECA Education Certification

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Canada ECA Education Certification

We can solve the problem of Canada's ECA degree certification, and the following is an overview of the normal process.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to identify the authenticity of educational qualifications from countries outside of Canada and evaluate their equality with Canadian qualifications.

Who needs ECA qualifications?

1- Canadian EE skilled immigrants.

(1) For those who have never received education in Canada and want to enter the EE candidate pool through the federal skilled immigration category, an ECA is necessary.

(2) The main applicant is the spouse of CRS and wishes to apply for additional points through overseas education. ECA is a mandatory requirement.

(3) For candidates applying for federal skilled worker immigration and Canadian experience immigration, the ECA but CRS score does help increase the probability of being selected.

2- Canadian Federal Investment Immigration/Self employed Immigration: If you are the main applicant and your education is overseas.

Who doesn't need ECA education certification. Applicants for investment immigration/self employed immigration.

Applicants who hold a Canadian college or university degree for at least one year do not require certification.

If the applicant's net assets reach $50 million or more, they can apply for exemption from ECA degree certification.

1. International Consumer Electronics Exhibition: Comparative Education Division: University of Toronto School of Continuing Education and other educational service institutions designated by the Canadian Immigration Service.

2. International Accounting Standards Board: Canada International Education Assessment Service Canada International Education Assessment Service.

3. World Education Services - The fastest and only the highest degree can be certified.

4. MCC: Canadian Medical Association.

5. PEBC: Canadian Medical Examination Board.

How to choose a qualification certification agency?

If the applicant's profession is specialist doctor NOC3111 or family doctor NOC3112, they must pass MCC certification from the Canadian Medical Association. The cycle is six months and generally only undergraduate degrees are recognized.

1. Specialist doctors (NOC3111), general practitioners, or family doctors (NOC3112) must undergo ECA through the Canadian Medical Association MCC. The cycle lasts for six months and generally only undergraduate degrees are recognized.

2. Pharmacist (NOC3131), if you want to obtain this professional license, you must obtain an ECA through the Canadian Medical Research Council PEBC. If a license is not required, other ECA certification bodies can also be used.

3. If the applicant's position is in another profession, they can check or directly contact the official website of the designated educational certification agency of the immigration bureau to find out which institution is suitable and the factors to consider: material list, certification fee, and certification time. Generally, we choose WES (World Education Service), which is the fastest and can only certify the highest level of education.

How to verify educational qualifications?

After the qualification certification agency is determined, prepare materials according to the requirements of the qualification certification agency and submit the application.

The projects evaluated by educational certification institutions include:

The ECA degree certification report must be certified by a degree certification agency designated by the Canadian Immigration Service.

The validity period of the academic report is 5 years, which means that the time for submitting an immigration application after the academic report is issued must not exceed 5 years.

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