Certification of a French diploma

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Certification of a French diploma

There are several English-taught majors, and people with no French background can also apply.

The courses are career-focused.

The job market recognizes you.

Diverse cultures, quick understanding of the globe.

High-level executives in France have just one undergraduate major: BIB (Bachelor of International Business). The majors studied will also include fundamental business courses such as finance, marketing, and management. After graduation, the majority of students will opt to study at the university's top project, GE (Grand Ecole).

The course is primarily delivered in English.

Bachelor of Management (BSc) Management Undergraduate Program (BSc) at ESCP European Business School.

Bachelor in Global Business Administration, Emlyon Business School (Paris-Saint-Etienne).

NEOMA Business School: Bachelor of Global Business Administration.

IESEG School of Management: Bachelor of International Business Administration.

Option 2: Undergraduate engineering programs in France.

Napoleon established the French engineering education system. The French are proud of their superior education. It is a crucial basis for French engineers to control the country, occupying an important role in the French higher education system. Engineers have a high prestige in France, and the word "engineer" is protected by law and is a mark of distinction. Only excellent high school graduates are qualified to apply for the School of Engineering's preparatory courses, and the students who can eventually attend the School of Engineering for further study are "the best of the best."


Elite graduates are chosen based on their high criteria.

Excellent professors and a high student-teacher ratio.

Small and polished, to face future problems.

High returns, promising job possibilities, and hefty pay packages.

French engineering degrees have tougher subject background requirements, requiring students seeking for undergraduate engineering majors to be scientific students. The criteria for the college entrance examination results vary depending on the project or institution, but in general, the college entrance examination results and two additional copies are required. Juniors in high school may apply early based on their high school grades.

Engineering majors are classified as English-taught or French-taught. Although language scores are not necessary when applying, since the interview (or written test) is usually conducted in English, it is advised that you have an appropriate language score certificate (English or French) when applying for a visa.

Recommended items:

French N+I Higher Engineering School undergraduate courses.

The INSA is the French National Institute of Applied Sciences.

Electronics Institute of Paris.

Engineering School of ECAM Lyon

National Higher School of Mines and Telecommunications IMT Lille-Douai.

France's Ecole Polytechnique d'Orléans.

Option 3: Undergraduate studies at public universities in France.

The Ministry of Education invests in French public universities, which are comprehensive institutions supported by the French government. They have a lengthy history of universities, a high-level education system and education standards, inexpensive tuition, and strong job opportunities for graduates. As a result, it is extremely popular with both French and international students. welcome.


It has a lengthy history, a vast population, and several specializations.

Because it is funded by the state, just a registration fee is paid, making it incredibly cost-effective.

There are many French students enrolled, and the majority of them are taught in French, which helps them improve their French.

How to apply:

Action plan: Students who already have a strong foundation in French can attend professional studies without having to learn the language.

There are no formal language requirements for admission to French public colleges. After a year of learning the language in France, take the French test and apply to the equivalent French public university.

preparation courses: After completing one year of preparation coursework, students are simply required to take the school's external test. You can begin professional studies immediately after completing the test. In general, at the time of application, at least the French level must be higher than TCFB1.

Green Form (Green Profile): The procedure for students already in France to apply for an L1 visa at a public university.

Recommended institutions:

University of Paris IV (a prestigious liberal arts college whose trump card is literature and the humanities).

University of Paris VI (No. 1 in the world in mathematics).

Paris VIII University (UFR Art Department is currently the largest art teaching and research unit in France).

Paris Dauphin University (specializes in finance and business management).

Aix-Marseille University (the largest university in France, the largest university in French-speaking countries and regions).

Nantes University (one of the largest comprehensive universities in France, the main majors of the college are medicine, law, natural sciences, technology and literature).

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