Cross disciplinary applications also have a spring

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Cross disciplinary applications also have a spring

Application Review:

1. It's not difficult to cross majors, as there are Hualian teachers escorting you

H student studied at Anhui Normal University in China, majoring in Tourism Management. She only decided in the second semester of her third year to study abroad and study English in the UK after graduation, because she did not want to work in tourism management after graduating from university. Therefore, in the case of a non English major background, our Hualian teacher suggested that students choose the translation major, and the students have outstanding oral skills. Therefore, we recommend her to choose the interpretation direction.

2. Good average score and achieving IELTS scores

The average score of classmate H is relatively good, with a GPA of 3.45. After several months of language training, she also achieved an ideal score of 6.5 in the IELTS and achieved a single oral proficiency score of 7.0. Although both the GPA and IELTS scores were good, H did not aim too far. Instead, he referred to the advice of Hualian's consultant teachers and chose the top ranked universities of Nottingham and Manchester University. Later, he chose Edinburgh, Stirling, and Queen Mary University in London, which he liked more and also had strong translation majors.

3. Material preparation awesome, fast and comprehensive

The senior copywriting team of Hualian studying abroad is also quite awesome. It took less than 30 days from determining the school to writing the document to submitting the application. The students also cooperated very well during the brainstorming and document creation process, actively participating in discussions. In the end, they received the school's admission less than 4 weeks after submitting their application, and H was also very happy.

Case Review:

For Chinese students, most of the applications for translation or interpretation majors in the UK are for Chinese English/English Chinese translation or interpretation. Because this major requires both languages to reach the level of native language proficiency. Translation or interpretation both require applicants to have a high level of proficiency in a second language other than their mother tongue. For Chinese students, of course, it refers to English proficiency. Generally, the IELTS requirements for these majors are relatively high, ranging from 6.5 to 7.0, and some schools even require 7.5 points. As a non native English speaking country, the difficulty of applying for a translation major in the UK is very high. With their own efforts and excellent academic performance, H student, with the strong assistance of Hualian teachers, successfully applied for the translation major at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

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