Diploma certification for studying abroad

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Diploma certification for studying abroad

Scope of study abroad diploma certification

(1) Completion certificate obtained by participating in foreign language training or studying other non academic education courses.

(2) Proof of research experience and postdoctoral research certificate of researchers and visiting scholars.

(3) Certificate of preparatory courses issued by foreign higher education institutions or other higher education institutions.

(4)Foreign non higher education diplomas, honorary titles, and honorary degree certificates without corresponding learning or research experience.

(5) Foreign academic degree certificates and higher education diplomas obtained in violation of laws and regulations, as well as foreign academic degree certificates and higher education diplomas not recognized by their respective countries.

(6) Cross border remote overseas degree certificates and higher education diplomas.

(7) Qualification certificates for various majors (practices) both domestically and internationally. 

Editing and playing of application materials

All countries are required to provide the following application materials. Please carefully read the instructions on the application materials below. Some countries also need to provide additional application materials. Please refer to "V. Other Related Materials" below for specific content, and the prompt information in the certification application system shall prevail.

When applying online, a color scanned copy of the original application materials must be uploaded.

1. Foreign education certificates that require certification

(1) Foreign academic certificates that need to be certified are generally written in the official language of the host country. If you obtain education certificates in two languages, you must upload the education certificates in the original language, and you can choose to upload education certificates in other languages.

(2) If there are text patterns on the front and back of the foreign academic degree certificate or higher education diploma that needs to be authenticated, a scanned copy of the front and back should be provided at the same time.

(3) If the applicant is unable to provide the awarded academic certificate, our center cannot provide certification services in principle.

If the certificate is lost, a replacement certificate should be applied to the issuing authority before submitting the certification application. If the issuing institution is unable to reissue the certificate, the applicant should provide a copy of the certificate or a formal degree award certificate issued by the institution (usually issued by the student themselves and issued by the registration department or academic affairs department), and provide a "Declaration of Unable to Submit Academic Degrees Certificate" (download the template, fill it out, and upload it). Please note that such applicants also need to submit a complete transcript of their study period.

Please note that 'certification letters' are often difficult to verify, so the evaluation time may exceed the normal certification cycle of the diploma certificate, and may even fail the certification evaluation. The certification results obtained by submitting an application with a 'proof letter' and submitting an application with an educational certificate may differ. After the certification review is completed, our center will no longer accept reexamination applications for certificate replacement objects.

2. Passports used during study abroad

The passport used during overseas study is used to determine the applicant's personal information, study location, and study time, and is an important material for certification evaluation. Applicants for studying abroad are required to provide travel documents (including passports, travel documents, etc.) used during their study abroad period. The content that needs to be scanned and uploaded includes: the homepage (personal information page), the visa page during the study period (electronic visa or residence permit is not on the passport), and the card is also required. If the certified academic certificate is issued earlier than 10 years ago, the applicant must also provide all the entry and exit seals on their passport during their study abroad period.

3. Take one 2-inch ID photo

I have recently taken a standard ID photo with an unlimited background color.

4. Fill out and sign the authorization statement for verification of foreign education certificates according to the requirements of this service center

According to the requirements of various universities and colleges in various countries, our center needs to obtain written authorization from the certificate holder to verify the authenticity of the academic certificate. The universal version of the 'Authorization Statement' is applicable to most countries and institutions (it can also be downloaded from the application system). Please fill in the blank space in English or the original text of the country of study. The signature must be signed by the applicant to ensure the validity of the verification. A few universities have special requirements for authorization content. Please click on the country/region below to view the details.

5. Other relevant materials

(1) Applicants who have studied at institutions that issue certificates abroad and do not meet the requirements of the academic system must provide complete transcripts or research certificates during their study period.

(2) Applicants with learning experience in multiple countries and schools, or those who have studied in a second country and obtained a third country diploma certificate, must submit a complete transcript of their study period, as well as the entry and exit stamps of all countries where they studied on their passports during the study period.

(3) In order to accurately determine the applicant's professional field, it is recommended that the applicant submit a complete transcript during the study period.

(4) Due to differences in the education systems of a few countries, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine need to provide additional application materials.

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