Do transcripts need to be submitted for academic certification?

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Do transcripts need to be submitted for academic certification?

Do international students need to submit transcripts when applying for degree certification?

A Master's degree in Analytics from Northeastern University in the United States.

It is the Season of graduation again. The first thing for many overseas students to return home is to apply for the degree certification of the Ministry of Education.

Many friends are not particularly familiar with the materials required for certification. I see that in the official required materials, there is no clear requirement to submit a transcript. However, I see that some students around me need to submit a complete transcript when applying for academic certification, while others do not. Would you submit a transcript when applying for academic certification?

Transcripts are not necessary application materials for certification, but the information contained in transcripts has important reference significance for certification evaluation. For the sake of accurate judgment, it is recommended that applicants submit formal and complete transcripts before studying. Don't be in the following situations:

1) Those who have obtained a degree but have not yet issued a degree certificate should present a formal certification letter issued by the university registration department when applying for certification.

2) Applicants who study at institutions that issue certificates abroad for a period of time that does not meet the academic requirements must provide a complete transcript or research certificate on the eve of their studies.

3) Applicants who have studied in multiple countries and schools, or those who have studied in a second country and obtained a third country diploma, must submit a complete transcript of their pre study transcript, as well as the entry and exit stamps of all the countries where they studied on their pre study passports.

4) In order to accurately determine the applicant's professional field, it is recommended that the applicant submit a complete transcript before studying.

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