French Diploma Certification

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French Diploma Certification

There are a large number of English teaching majors, and those without a foundation in French can also apply.

The course is career oriented.

The job market is highly recognized.

Diversified culture, short-term understanding of the world.

French high-level businessmen only have one undergraduate major, namely BIB (Bachelor of International Business). The majors studied are also basic courses of business, including finance, marketing, management and other courses. After graduation, most students will choose to pursue the elite program at university, known as GE (Grand Ecole).

Recommended projects mainly taught in English:

ESCP European Business School: Bachelor of Management (Bachelor of Science) Bachelor of Management (Bachelor of Science).

Lyon Business School: Bachelor of Global Business Administration (Saint Etienne, Paris)

NEOMA Business School: Bachelor of Global Business Administration

IESEG School of Management: Bachelor's degree from the University of International Business Management

Option 2: Undergraduate programs in French engineering colleges

The engineer education system in France was founded by Napoleon. It is an elite education that the French are proud of. It holds an important position in the French higher education system and is an important foundation for French engineering governance. The title of engineer holds a high position in France, and the title of "engineer" is protected by law and is a symbol of honor. As an elite educational institution, only outstanding high school graduates are eligible to apply for the preparatory program at the engineering college, and those who can ultimately enter the engineering college for further education are the "elites among the elites".


High standard selection, becoming an elite alumni.

Excellent faculty and high teacher-student ratio.

Small and refined, meeting future challenges.

High returns, bright employment prospects, and generous salary benefits.

The French engineering project has stricter requirements for academic background, and students applying for undergraduate engineering majors are required to be science students. The requirements for the college entrance examination results depend on the project or school, but generally require the college entrance examination results and two or more copies. Students in the third year of high school can apply in advance based on their high school grades.

Engineering majors are divided into English taught majors and French taught majors. Language proficiency is not required when applying, and English is usually used for interviews (or written exams). However, it is recommended to have a relevant language proficiency certificate (in English or French) when applying for a visa.

Recommended projects:

Undergraduate courses at the N+I Higher School of Engineering in France

French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA)

Paris Higher School of Electronics

ECAM Lyon School of Engineering

IMT Lille Douai National Higher School of Mining and Telecommunications

Polytechnic Institute of Orleans, France

Option 3: Undergraduate courses at French public universities

The French public university is a comprehensive university funded by the French government and invested by the Ministry of Education. We have a long-standing university tradition, a high-level education system and level, low fees, and good employment prospects for graduates. Therefore, it is highly popular among French and international students.


It has a long history, a large number of people, and a wide range of majors.

State funded, only registration fees are charged, with high cost-effectiveness.

There are many French international students enrolled, and most of them are taught in French, which is conducive to the improvement of French.

How to apply:

Action plan: For students who have already mastered French well, they can directly enter the professional learning without learning the language.

Language admission to French public universities: There are no clear requirements for language. After studying the language in France for one year, take the French exam and then apply to the corresponding French public university.

Preparatory courses: After completing one year of preparatory studies, students only need to take the school's internal exams. After passing the test, they can directly enter professional learning. Generally speaking, at least a French proficiency of TCFB1 or above is required when applying.

Green Form (Green File): The process for students who are already in France to apply for L1 at public universities.

Recommended institutions:

The Fourth University of Paris (a well-known liberal arts college, whose flagship majors are literature and humanities).

Paris Sixth University (ranked first in the world of mathematics).

The Eighth University of Paris (UFR is currently the largest art teaching and research unit in France).

Paris Ninth University (with strong majors in finance and business management).

Aix Marseille University (the largest university in France and the largest university in French speaking countries and regions).

Nantes University (one of the largest comprehensive university in France, the main majors of which are medicine, law, natural science, science and technology and literature).

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