How to Change Your Address on a Passport?

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How to Change Your Address on a Passport?

If you move and still have a valid passport, you should modify the address on your passport before leaving the country. In rare cases, the validity of your passport may be called into doubt, particularly if the address on your passport differs from the address on other pieces of identification, such as your driver's license. The technique you take to alter your address on your passport is determined on your native country. Depending on your home country's passport rules, you may be able to alter your address online or simply by putting your new address on your passport.

In others, if you want to change your address you must apply for a new passport. Contact your home country's passport agency to find out which method you can use.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 1

Go to your country's passport agency's website. Many nations, like Australia, allow you to amend your passport information online, such as changing your address. The website of your country's government agency will contain instructions on how to accomplish this.

You should not have to pay any costs if you are simply altering your address online. Keep in mind, however, that your address will only be modified in your biodata information; the actual display of your address on your passport will remain same.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 2

If you haven't already, create an online account. Many nations provide a webpage where you may create an account and maintain your passport information. To open an account, you must typically have a valid email address. Then you'll provide your personal information so the system can locate your passport.Use a strong password that no one can guess when creating an online account to handle your passport information. Never use a public computer or a public wifi network to access your passport account.

You may be able to mail in a paper form if you are unable to create an account or change your information online.

A copy of the form should be available for download from your country's passport agency, or you can go to a passport office in person.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 3

To change your contact information, click the applicable link. If you've just registered a new account, you'll usually be given an email to verify it. To validate your email address and log into your account, click the link in the email. Then seek for a tab or menu option that allows you to edit your contact or personal information.

When you click the link, the page will display the information that you may edit online. To modify your address, click here.

Before you submit the new information, double-check that you've entered everything correctly.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 4

Check to see if your information has been updated. You may receive an email verifying the change in your address. After completing the information, you should receive an instant confirmation. You may also log out and then back into your account to double-check that your address is correct.

You can put a slip of paper with your new address in your passport if you desire. You should also print the confirmation that your address has been altered and preserve it in your passport.

Adding Your New Address to Your Passport

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 5

Turn to the page of your passport that has your address. In other countries, such as Canada, you are not required to notify the passport office if you change your residence. Instead, you may just update your passport's address yourself.

On page 4 of your Canadian passport, your address is mentioned. It may be located at a different location in other countries.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 6

Cross out your old address. Use an ink pen to strike through your old address on your passport. It isn't necessary to scratch it out until it is no longer legible. You just want to clearly indicate that it is no longer your correct address.

Avoid using a black marker, as the ink may bleed through to the other side of the page.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 7

Fill up the blanks with your new address and your old one. After scratching through your old address, neatly write your new address in ink. Print letters are usually more readable than cursive letters. Use the same format for your new address as you used for your previous one.

Make sure your writing is large enough to be read but not so big that you run out of space. If you don't have enough space under your old address to write your new one legibly, write it on a separate sheet of paper. Insert the additional page of paper into your passport.

Tip: If you're traveling to another country with an address changed in this way, make sure you have at least one government-issued ID, such as your driver's license, that clearly displays your new address.

Applying for a New Passport

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 8

Fill out the application to have your passport reissued. If you need to change your address in some countries, such as India, you must obtain a new passport. To do so, you must submit a new passport application. The application may be available for download online. You may also fill out the form at the local passport agency office.

Fill up your application and provide your new address. It is possible that you may need to specify that your new address varies from the one on your original passport.

For information on the procedure of having your passport re-issued and the fees involved, see the website of your home country's passport agency.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 9

Collect documentation to establish your present address. You will require at least one original document that may be used as evidence of address. The passport agency in your nation will be able to inform you which papers are acceptable for this purpose. A utility bill, title, or lease that clearly identifies your name and new location is usually adequate.

You may be required to bring fresh passport photographs in addition to evidence of residency. Your passport agency will inform you if new images are necessary or if the previous ones may be used.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 10

To finish your application, go to the nearest passport agency office. The employees at the Passport Office will assess your application and check your proof of residency documentation. Bring your previous passport with you when you go.To get your passport reissued, you must pay a cost. Call beforehand to find out how much the price is and what payment options are accepted.

Tip: Many nations need you to book an appointment before re-issuing your passport. Even if appointments aren't needed, they may shorten your wait time.

Change Your Address on a Passport Step 11

Your new passport will be mailed to you. When your passport is complete, it will be mailed to your new address. The time varies depending on the country and how busy the passport agency is, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.

If your nation needs you to have your passport reissued in order to change your address, make sure you give yourself plenty of time before leaving the country. If you're in a hurry and don't believe you'll obtain your passport in time for a planned trip, inquire about expedited processing at the passport agency.

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