How to Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport?

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How to Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport?

When applying for a visa, the immigration office may request a certified copy of your passport.Other entities, such as banks or lenders, may also request certified copies as proof of your identification.Obtaining a certified duplicate of your passport is normally a quick and uncomplicated process that should not take too much time, money, or effort on your part.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 1

Check to see whether you can create a duplicate of your passport yourself. Most organizations don't mind if you make the duplicate as long as you have someone compare it to the original and verify it as a true copy. Some people, however, may prefer that the duplicate be made by a government agency or the individual certifying the copy.A certified genuine copy is required in certain countries, such as Canada, at the passport office or a government agency overseas.If your nation demands it, your copy may not be deemed a certified true copy if you do not use that procedure, even if the asking organization indicates you can produce your own copy.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 2

Determine which sections of the document must be copied. Most organizations require your passport's identification page, which includes your photo and other identifying information. Pages containing stamps or visas are often not required to be duplicated. However, the entity seeking the copy will be able to inform you for certain.

Some institutions demand your signature on the certified genuine copy to demonstrate that you signed your passport. If you haven't signed your passport, you may need to get a new one, sign it, and then get your certified genuine copy.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 3

Scan your passport to make a digital color copy. Generally, your copy should be in color rather than black and white. This makes sure that any watermarks or other pictures are seen. You may be able to use a computer and scanner for free at a public library, or you may be able to pay a modest price at a local commercial copying business.

Make sure the file is large enough and has a high enough quality so everything on the copy is legible. It could be necessary to make it larger than your real travel paperwork.

If you scan the image at a facility that doesn't have printers available, you'll need to save it so you can print it later. The easiest way to do this is to email a copy of the image to yourself.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 4

Colorize your scanned image and print it on high-quality paper. The best results are usually obtained with a picture printer. Check that the printer has enough ink and can reproduce the colors appropriately.

While you are not need to utilize picture paper, the paper should be of high quality. Otherwise, it may be unable to contain the amount of ink required to generate a high-quality image. Avoid using regular copy paper since it will be too thin to generate a nice image.

If you use picture paper, be sure the person who certifies it can write legibly on it. They may find it challenging to write on glossy paper.

Tip: Use the "print preview" feature on your computer or electronic device to align the image so that there's space for the person who certifies the copy to write without covering up any information in the image itself.

Having Your Copy Certified

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 5

Determine if the seeking entity is required to meet a certification requirement. Some organizations may require a specific individual to certify your copy. They may also specify what information must be included in that person's certification.

Typically, the individual certifying your copy will write something like "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me," then sign and date beneath it.

The person certifying your copy may also be required to print their name, employment, and contact information.

If a notary public certifies your copy, they will additionally affix their seal next to their signature on the document.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 6

Certify your copy with a notary public or an attorney. Typically, a notary public or an attorney will be required to certify the copy of your passport. A notary public can be found in a courthouse as well as numerous banks. Notaries public are paid a small fee for their services. An attorney's fees may be greater. Keep in mind that notaries public are not permitted in all states to certify copies of government papers.The notary public will place their seal alongside their signature. Make sure there is adequate space on the copy for the seal to not conceal or distort the picture.

Tip: Take your actual passport with you when you get your copy certified. The person certifying the copy will need to inspect your actual passport and compare it to the copy.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 7

If permitted, select another professional to certify your copy. Other professions can certify a copy of your passport in some countries, including the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations. They must be well-known in the community and have all professional licenses up to date and in good standing.

Bankers, accountants, religious leaders, teachers, and physicians are among the other professionals who may be authorized to certify papers.

If a professional is connected to you, in a relationship with you, or lives at the same address as you, do not ask them to certify a copy of your passport.

Keep in mind that notaries public are not permitted in all states to certify copies of government papers.

Get a Certified Copy of Your Passport Step 8

If you need a certified copy, contact your government department. Some nations, such as Canada, only permit immigration authorities to certify passport copies. The agency will provide you with an application and may charge you a fee. When the certified copy is completed, it is usually shipped to you.

If you want expedited processing, call the passport agency and inquire about the turnaround time for certified copies. You may have to pay an extra cost if you need your copy sooner.

Let your passport agency know after you finish the application if you need the copy delivered straight to the asking organization.

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