How to Get a Japanese Passport?

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How to Get a Japanese Passport?

If you travel frequently, a Japanese passport is a valuable item to have. The Japanese passport was voted the strongest in the world in 2018, allowing holders to freely travel to 190 countries without a visa.However, obtaining a passport if you are not a Japanese citizen might be challenging. You must first go through the lengthy process of gaining Japanese citizenship. Obtaining a passport after becoming a Japanese citizen is as simple as completing the necessary application documents.

Fulfilling Citizenship Requirements

Get a Japanese Passport Step 01

Spend at least 5 years in Japan. The required period in Japan before becoming a naturalized citizen is five years. During this time, you must apply for permanent residency, find work, establish residency, and study Japanese. To become a naturalized Japanese citizen, you must be at least 20 years old. Use this time to become acquainted with the process of Japanese citizenship so that you will be ready when the time comes.

If you are from the United States or most European nations, you can visit Japan for a short period of time without first obtaining a visa.

Remember that until you have a long-term residency card, you must carry your national passport with you at all times and present it if a Japanese officer requests you to.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 02

Find work in Japan. Foreign nationals must first achieve financial stability in Japan before applying for citizenship. You must earn the minimum wage to avoid being a burden on Japanese social services. This involves being able to provide for your family.

If you don't work but are married, your spouse can help you build financial security.

The required pay for financial security varies depending on where you reside. A high cost of living in cities implies that you need to earn around 1,500 yen per hour to live comfortably.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 03

Follow the rules of the law and the Japanese constitution. In Japan, one of the prerequisites for citizenship is "good moral character." This often entails staying out of legal problems and abiding with the law. Also, avoid any political groups or organizations that push for the destruction of the Japanese constitution. Such behaviors are typically grounds for denial of Japanese citizenship.Japan is quite stringent about respecting the law, and anybody with a criminal record may be denied entrance. whether you want to become a Japanese citizen but have a criminal record, go to an immigration lawyer to determine whether it's feasible.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 04

Accept only Japanese citizenship. Because Japan does not normally accept dual citizenship, when you are formally naturalized, you will lose citizenship in your previous country. This implies you'd forfeit any advantages of being a citizen of your prior nation. If you are no longer a citizen of your former nation, traveling there may be more challenging. Before getting naturalized, you must be prepared to accept this and have exclusively Japanese citizenship.

There are various exceptions to the rule of dual citizenship. These are mainly children born outside of Japan to Japanese parents.

There is no legal consequence for failing to abandon your former citizenship, but you will be denied some advantages and services if you do not.For example, you can't get a Japanese passport if you have dual citizenship.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 05

Consult the Japanese Immigration Department. The naturalization procedure in Japan is lengthy and generally customized to each individual seeking citizenship. The office requires certain common papers, although authorities may still seek more information from you. It is essential to call the Immigration Office ahead of time and explain your circumstances. The officials here can fully explain the procedure.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 06

In Japanese, explain why you wish to become a citizen. Naturalization in Japan involves mastery of the Japanese language. They put your skills to the test by having you write a handwritten personal statement on why you wish to become a Japanese citizen.

This statement can be written at home in advance of your naturalization interviews. Don't cheat and have someone write it for you since immigration authorities will most likely ask you to read it aloud and answer questions about it during an interview. This is a test of your linguistic skills.

There is no universal length for this essay. Since the Japanese immigration office is testing you, be as comprehensive as possible. Write about your past, what led you to Japan, and why you want to make it your permanent home.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 07

Collect all of your personal paperwork. Naturalization in Japan necessitates a large number of personal papers and information. Bring your original birth certificate and passport to confirm your prior citizenship. Gather documentation pertaining to your family, both in Japan and abroad. For example, a marriage certificate for your parents, birth certificates for your children, paperwork proving your link to your siblings, and any police records.

Make your family documentation as complete as possible. Japanese people are expected to create a family registry that includes all of their relations. This family registration is essential for identity in Japan and is required for many services, including the issuance of a passport.

Consult Japan's Immigration Office if you cannot acquire any of these documents. If you have a valid explanation, you may be able to get a waiver.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 08

Demonstrate your financial security in Japan. A full explanation of your income and financial condition is required as part of the citizenship procedure. Collect papers that prove your work and income. This contains tax paperwork, payment information, evidence of employment, and any asset certifications.

Your case will also benefit from written testimony from your employer. Inquire with your employer whether they are willing to give this.

If you own a business or are self-employed, you must also provide a description of your company and what it does.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 09

Bring two 5 cm (2.0 in) x 5 cm (2.0 in) photographs of yourself. These will be used on your application and passport. Make sure they are clear head shots that clearly show your face.

Japan allows no "unnatural facial expressions" on official photos, which includes smiling. Only make a plain, serious face in the picture or it will be rejected. Also don't wear glasses or a hat.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 10

Fill out the application form at the Immigration Office. Visit the Immigration Office again with all the requested documentation for the application. The Immigration Office requires a handwritten application form to go along with these documents. It serves as a header form that outlines all the documents you are submitting.You will also attach your two photographs to this form when you fill it out.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 11

Your interview will take place in the Legal Affairs Bureau. Your application materials may be reviewed for several months. Once your application has been approved by the Immigration Office, you will be scheduled for an interview with the Legal Affairs Division. This interview is unique to each individual and is based on the papers you've supplied. Officials will ask you about your past, application papers, and reasons for wanting to become a Japanese citizen. It will most likely last around an hour.

There may be other interviews following this one. It is determined by the amount of paperwork requested for your application. For example, the Legal Affairs Bureau may wish to talk with your spouse or other family members.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 12

Wait for approval from the Minister of Justice. After your interview, the only step is to wait until your application is formally approved. If you are approved, an official announcement will come from the Minister of Justice. Your Japanese citizenship is effective as of the announcement day.

Getting Your Passport

Get a Japanese Passport Step 13

Select the type of passport you require. Japan offers a variety of passports for various reasons. Aside from emergency travel permits and passports for government personnel, Japanese nationals have two major passports. Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Blue Book: This passport is valid for five years. This is a shorter-term passport than the other, but it may be obtained by minors and is less expensive at 11,000 yen.

The Red Book is a 10-year passport. Applicants must be over the age of 20, and the fee is 16,000 yen.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 14

Gather the necessary documents. A passport application requires your resident card, government-issued ID like a driver's license, a passport photo, and your original family registry.The family registry is a list of all your family relationships and is very important in Japan for identification. You'll be required to complete one after obtaining citizenship.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 15

Fill up the application form at the Ward Office in your area. Passport applications are accessible here. Bring all of your documentation with you, and fill out the application thoroughly. Then inquire as to where the application form should be submitted. It will most likely be in a separate structure.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also maintains a list of additional sites where passport documents can be submitted.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 16

Wait 7 to 10 days for your passport. Japan processes passport applications fairly quickly. You should have your passport in less than 2 weeks if the application is approved.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 17

Gather the necessary documents. Renewing your passport before it's expired requires less documentation than getting your passport the first time. You only have to submit your current passport and a copy of your resident card. The passport will be returned to you when your new passport is issued.If your passport has already expired, you also have to include your government-issued ID and family registry.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 18

At your local Ward Office, complete the passport renewal form. The form is the same as the one you used to get your new passport. Bring all of your documentation to the Ward Office, pick up the application, and properly fill it out. Then you must submit the application form.

For the 10 and 5 year passports, there is a separate application. Take the appropriate form for the passport you desire.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also maintains a list of additional sites where passport documents can be submitted.

Get a Japanese Passport Step 19

Wait about a week for your new passport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review your application and you should receive your new passport in the mail within about a week. You should also receive your old passport back at this time.

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