How to handle the English version of educational certification?

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How to handle the English version of educational certification?

Dear graduates of the Sea Trade Center, after four years of exciting and hardworking university life, you have finally successfully obtained dual degrees from Hainan University and Arizona State University. So do you know how to authenticate these two degrees? Hurry up and take a look together.

Chinese degree certification

(1) Search for "Xuexin Network" on Baidu and click to enter "China Higher Education Information Network (Xuexin Network)".

(2) Find "Student Status and Education Query" on the website and click to enter.

(3) After entering, select 'Self check'.

(4) Then there is the login interface. If you have not yet registered, you need to register first. If you have already registered, please log in directly.

(5) After registering and logging into the Xuexin Network system, select "Online Verification Report" - "Higher Education" from the menu on the right, and all your educational information will appear on the left side of the screen.

(6) After clicking on the "Chinese version", a window will pop up where you need to set the report validity period and payment method. Click on "Check Code Payment" to obtain the query code.

(7) Return to the query page and note that there is authentication information in the education information. Click 'View' to open the electronic registration and filing form for academic certificates.

(8) After clicking to open, the filing form is shown in the figure. Click the "Print" button in the upper right corner to print it online.

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