I fell in love with Australia due to traveling and applied to the University of Sydney!

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I fell in love with Australia due to traveling and applied to the University of Sydney!

Classmate H

Shenzhen Hongling Middle School

University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales

High school average score of 85%, 2018 college entrance examination score of 573 in science

Classmate H is a science student who, after a trip to Australia, felt very fond of the pace of life in that country, so he made the decision to pursue undergraduate studies in Australia. After consulting with us and learning that the eight major universities in Australia can accept Chinese college entrance examination scores and directly apply for first year undergraduate studies, H, who has consistently performed well, firmly followed the application process of directly enrolling in Australian universities through the college entrance examination.

Apply for comments:

Applying for direct admission to the Australian college entrance examination requires obtaining pre admission in advance and providing a high school transcript. This application should be completed no later than three months before the college entrance examination.

Students may not be able to prepare for the IELTS exam at the same time due to academic stress during the college entrance examination. Therefore, students can apply for admission in July of the current year or February of the following year based on their own situation.

When applying for admission, it is necessary to explain your professional intention to the school, and the consultant will provide relevant advice to the student based on their situation.

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