Is an SPM diploma important?

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Is an SPM diploma important?

Considering that many parents in China feel that their children are struggling to attend school domestically and want to go to Malaysia for high school, we need to first understand the Malaysian SPM diploma and future O-levels similar to this diploma. The summary of this SPM is somewhat similar to a domestic high school transcript.

What is SPM Malaysia

SPM is one of the key milestones in Malaysia's education diploma. The full name of Malay is the Malaysian Education Diploma (SPM), also known as the Malaysian Education Diploma. SPM is equivalent to the internationally recognized O-level. The National Unified Examination in Malaysia is organized by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and supervised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. It is also the final national unified examination for secondary education in Malaysia. Intended to evaluate the academic performance, education level, and grades of Grade 5 students (equivalent to Chinese sophomores) in their five-year high school career.

The history of SPM

Before 1980, the SPM exam was jointly organized by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and the Cambridge University Examinations Committee, but since 1980, the Cambridge University Examinations Committee has no longer been one of the organizers. However, so far, the institution has been providing assistance and guidance to the Malaysian Examination Commission. Generally speaking, SPM has been recognized by all higher education institutions both domestically and internationally in Malaysia and enjoys the same treatment as regular higher education. In summary, if you want to study at a university in Malaysia, SPM can be considered an indispensable part of high school grades.

Language testing for SPM

Due to Malaysia's ongoing reform of its education system, science and mathematics are currently mainly tested in English. Except for language subjects, other subjects are still tested in Malay. Because of this, the science and mathematics exams from 2003 to 2006 were mainly conducted in English and Malay.

In 2003, the SPM exam system added a new subject - English for Science and Technology (EST). This is an English proficiency test with a focus on technological development.

The disciplinary composition of SPM

In the past, students majoring in science (science subjects) had to apply for at least 10 courses. Liberal arts students must apply for at least 9 courses. However, the science exam currently only allows applications for less than 10 subjects. But if you want to obtain a university scholarship, fierce competition will force you to apply for more subjects. For a period of time, students could even take 21 elective courses. Of course, the regulations of the education department were also adjusted later.

SPM exam content

There is a mandatory requirement here, which is that if you want to obtain an SPM diploma, the most basic requirement is to pass the Malay language and history scores.

The Malaysian Examinations Authority (MAA) collaborates with the Cambridge English Assessment Agency (CELA). After achieving a certain English score (code: 1119) in SPM, one can obtain an O-level qualification certificate similar to an SPM diploma. In this way, you can directly apply to some post Commonwealth countries, especially the UK, as Malaysian students still prefer British doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

A required subject for SPM

Passing this course is required for both Malay and history, but not passing one course will not allow you to obtain an SPM exam diploma and certificate.

Malaysian English, but the examinee can still answer the article in American English. The exam will be supervised by the Malaysian Examinations Authority (LPM), the University of Cambridge Examinations Commission (UCLES), and the Cambridge English Assessment Agency (CELA). After passing, candidates will also receive a graduation certificate in O-level.

The rating level of SPM

The Malaysian Examinations Commission will rate candidates based on their performance in each subject. However, the examination committee never directly publishes the required scores for a specific level. Since 2009, the Malaysian Examination Commission has adopted a scoring system of highest a+and lowest g. That is to say, if you get g in the exam, it means you haven't passed the exam and need to review and take the exam again.

Sometimes, being able to live in Malaysia and successfully graduate with a university degree is the winner in life, right? Of course, the premise is that this university is a good one, not some wild chicken schools.

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