Is it better to have a diploma or a degree? 5 Selection Criteria for SPM Students

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Is it better to have a diploma or a degree? 5 Selection Criteria for SPM Students

It's time to say goodbye to secondary school and begin a new journey. If enrolling in a university course is your next step, should you pursue a diploma or a bachelor's degree? The following are five things to consider when choosing a study route after SPM.

1.How accommodating is the admission requirement?

To enroll in university courses following SPM in Malaysia, you must first research the admission criteria for each study program.

Generally, for diploma courses, the individual must have 3 credits in SPM/IGCSE or O level or its equivalent.

As for bachelor’s degree courses, students should complete a pre-university programme and an English proficiency assessment beforehand. There is also a grade-point average minimum and course-content requirements, particularly for niche fields of study.

2.Which academic program is within your financial means?

Obtaining a higher education certificate must also account for course tuition and general university fees, as well as commuting costs and everyday expenditures.

With all of these fees in mind, what is the best post-SPM education option for you and your wallet?

Because the study term is shorter, applying for a diploma-level university course following SPM will cost less than a bachelor's degree.

However, if you want to broaden your employment options, a bachelor's degree may be a better investment than a certificate. You can, however, apply for an education loan or a university scholarship.

3.When do you hope to enter the employment market?

A certificate course typically lasts 2 to 2.6 years, but a bachelor's degree often lasts 3 to 4 years.

Unlike bachelor's degree programs, which emphasize rigorous academic study, certificate programs are meant to provide students with the abilities needed to satisfy the work needs of a certain sector. In compared to the academic understanding of an undergraduate degree, the certificate program frequently incorporates more hands-on work. As a result, bachelor's degree programs now incorporate internship opportunities for students to put what they've learned into practice.

In essence, with a diploma certification, you would be able to enter the workforce sooner.

4.What job level are you now looking for?

It all comes down to the career level you wish to pursue while applying for university courses following SPM. A diploma graduate may usually get an entry-level employment, but only in a few fields. A bachelor's degree holder, on the other hand, can apply for entry- or mid-level work in practically any business.  

5.Which academic program offers the most study options?

Bachelor's degree programs are the greatest option for students who have completed SPM in Malaysia or abroad. With an undergraduate degree, you may be able to pursue postgraduate courses. Diploma courses are meant to prepare students for undergraduate study because they are pre-university programs.

Choosing a university course after SPM is a big step toward equipping yourself the theoretical and practical knowledge for the working world. Browse our diploma and bachelor’s degree courses at UNITAR today!

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