King's College London

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King's College London

Before joining Hualian, Y was not clear about his professional positioning. I still remember the first time I met my classmate Y, her refreshing outfit exuded a simple and clean temperament, which really caught my eye. She has been learning musical instruments since childhood, and under the influence of music, she has already written herself into a beautiful and melodious note. This is the feeling when I first communicated with my classmate Y. Upon learning of her dedication and love for music, as well as her intention to continue learning, and her particular interest in King's College London, we suggested a major in cultural and creative industry management to her based on her professional background. Through careful and in-depth understanding and joint discussions with her family and mentors, she believes that this major is very close to her future career development goals.

After determining the major, we analyzed Y's strengths and weaknesses together. The school background of South China Normal University and a GPA of 3.0 or above have established her academic background competitiveness. However, the lack of internship experience and IELTS scores, coupled with time constraints, poses a huge challenge for Y student. In order to further enrich and enhance Y's background, we started screening from various activities she participated in during her university years. From this, we discovered that Y had the opportunity to participate in a play performance jointly organized by the National Theatre and a well-known foreign drama troupe through the school symphony orchestra during her sophomore year. This two month rehearsal and successful performance can serve as a very effective related experience. Subsequently, classmate Y provided us with her experience organizing performances in the school symphony orchestra, which can also be adopted as one of the experiences to enhance her background.

Through conversation and guidance, Y student began to have a clear professional application idea. She changed her initial confusion and began to try to extract effective information from herself. She also told us about her previous experience as an intern editor at a famous Chinese newspaper. In this way, Y's background experience has been fully extracted, which not only sets the direction and direction for writing documents, but also leaves her more time to devote herself wholeheartedly to the exam. Huangtian pays off to those who care. At the end of October, Y student passed the valid grades required for applying for a master's degree in the UK. At this time, all application materials have been prepared and submitted one by one. In the end, with the joint cooperation of Y classmates and Hualian teachers, as well as my positive efforts, I was finally admitted to my Dream School. From confusion to clarity, from blank to fulfillment, from dream to reality, Hualian has helped Y students achieve another sublimation in their pursuit of a student career. I hope that Y can have a clearer understanding of his life path in the new learning and life.

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