Student Accreditation All-in-One: from application to accreditation, an article tells you!

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Student Accreditation All-in-One: from application to accreditation, an article tells you!

International student certification refers to the authenticity and validity of foreign students' qualifications obtained abroad through a series of procedures and documents.This is to guarantee the interests of foreign students in education, employment and other aspects, as well as to ensure the recognition and recognition of international students' academic qualifications in the country.

Here is the general process of authentication:

1. Degree accreditation:

International students must first contact the educational department of their country or region to apply for the degree.Typically, the following materials are required: degree certificates, academic qualifications, certificate of achievement, etc.The education department will verify the authenticity of these materials to determine whether the degree you obtained is legally valid.

2. Acreditation of academic qualifications:

After obtaining the degree accreditation, international students also need to contact the domestic education department and continue to apply for academic certification.This step requires the provision of material for degree accreditation, undergraduate study scores and other related materials.The domestic education sector will re-verify the authenticity of the qualifications to ensure their correlation with the domestic qualification system.

3. Agreement signing:

After completion of the degree accreditation and academic certification, international students must conclude an agreement with the domestic education department, confirming the equivalence of their academic qualifications and the protection of the rights and interests of both parties.

4. Authenticity certification:

International students' academic certification usually also requires authentication to prevent false evidence from being falsified.This process may involve surveys and background verification to determine the authenticity of the qualification.

In general, the accreditation of international students requires many contacts and submissions of relevant materials with educational departments at home and abroad to ensure the authenticity and validity of the qualifications.The specific processes and requirements for each country and region may vary, and international students need to carefully understand and consult the requirements of the relevant departments.At the same time, international students can also seek the help of specialized study intermediaries, who are usually aware of the specific situation of accreditation of international students and can provide relevant guidance and support.

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Course accreditation is a certificate of education and qualification issued by the Centre for Studying and Studying abroad of the Ministry of Education.The purpose of academic certification is to make people work abroad to study, obtain official certification, can be used as a certificate of education, examination, employment, etc. It is recommended that you apply as soon as possible, many companies will require you to show this certificate when looking for a job.

On June 14, 2022, the Ministry of Education's Foreign Study Services Centre issued the latest issue of the accreditation of foreign academic qualifications

In other words, from 1 January 2023, certification services will no longer be available to certificate holders in other countries (regions) that have not yet obtained a certificate, except Spain and Italy.

This means that individuals who graduate in 2023 can apply for foreign degree accreditation only after obtaining a certificate of graduation.Currently, the teaching and graduation arrangements in almost all countries have returned to normal.The general universities will issue graduation certificates to students on time, the influence on students to study abroad little.After 1 January 2023, it is still possible to obtain foreign degree accreditation through graduation certificates on a regular basis.

The following is a detailed process for obtaining accreditation of foreign academic qualifications.Let's see.

Application materials for accreditation of foreign students' academic qualifications.

1. ID card photo (jpg/jpeg format)

2. Certificate of Graduation (PDF format).

3. A complete written record (jpg/jpeg/png/pdf format).

4. Passport personal information page (jpg/jpeg/png format).

If a degree has been awarded before 1 January 2023, but a certificate of qualification has not yet been issued, it may be replaced by the submission of a graduation notice indicating the date of award of the degree by the school, and the completion of a full "Diplomatic certificate not submitted can be uploaded certificate".

If the certificate is lost, please apply for a supplementary certificate before submitting the certification application.If the certificate issuer is unable to issue a supplementary certificate, the applicant is required to provide a copy of a certificate or degree award certificate officially issued by the institution (usually by the Department of Education or the Teaching Department) and a “declaration” of inability to submit a declaration.

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