Super detailed introduction! How to apply for foreign education certification

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Super detailed introduction! How to apply for foreign education certification

More and more international students are choosing to return home after graduation. Are you one of them? However, the educational qualifications of foreign universities vary. How do you confirm whether your Chinese degree was obtained from a regular college or from a "mountain chicken" university. At this point, foreign degree authentication is used.

Foreign degree certification is officially confirmed by the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education. It is very authoritative and also proves your efforts in studying abroad. What is the role of academic degree certification outside of the country in addition to proving your study abroad status? If we choose to return to China for development, how can we easily verify our overseas education. In this dry article, I will give you a detailed introduction.

What are the benefits of foreign degree certification?

It is necessary for you to find a job.

Because in recent years, the domestic job market has become very complex, and many international students' first choice for employment is within the system. After all, the opposite side of the universe is the system (With a bitter smile).

If there is such an idea, it is necessary to conduct foreign degree certification. According to the regulations of relevant national ministries and commissions and the Office of the State Council Committee, on-the-job certification is a foreign degree certificate that must be submitted by applicants for civil servants, public institutions, state-owned enterprises, and higher education degrees. In addition, your professional title, job promotion, and professional qualification certificate need to be left on the server for authentication. Therefore, in order to enter these units after returning from studying abroad, it is necessary to have a foreign degree certification.

It is necessary to settle down and enjoy the welfare policies of the country.

Have you noticed that in recent years, more and more senior international students around us have chosen to return to China for development? This is actually a good result of the strong appeal of the country.

To encourage overseas students to return to China for development, the country has introduced a series of preferential welfare policies for returned students. Cars can also enjoy tax exemption and other welfare policies, so there are many benefits for international students.

It is necessary to apply for venture capital and research funds.

Returning to China for development is not just about entering the system and enjoying life. Therefore, in addition to providing preferential policies for international students in terms of daily life, the country also provides a series of preferential policies for returning international students in terms of work, such as entrepreneurship funds, research funds, etc. To apply for these, it is also necessary to provide a foreign degree certification.

Exceeding is the usefulness of foreign degree certification. Are you attracted to these benefits and advantages? If you haven't applied for your foreign education yet, you need to hurry up as applying earlier is easier.

According to the regulations of the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education, the following materials must be uploaded electronically on the official website for academic certification:

1. Foreign degree certificates or higher education diplomas.

2. Passports/passes and visas/endorsements used on the eve of study.

3. My recent standard ID photo, with unlimited background color.

4. Diploma Certificate Verification Authorization Statement (The authorization statement will be automatically generated when applying for academic certification, and only requires online signature).

5. Complete transcript on the eve of the research.

Students who need to apply for pre certification after 2023 also need to upload a graduation and completion notice issued by the school indicating the degree granting time, and download and fill out the 'Certificate of Failure to Submit Declaration' at the Study Abroad Service Center. Due to differences in the education systems of a few countries, international students from countries such as Japan, South Korea, the UK, and Germany need to provide additional application materials. The detailed list of materials can be viewed on the official website of the Study Abroad Service Center.

If you have prepared the corresponding electronic materials, you can apply for academic certification on the official website of the Study Abroad Service Center. The specific process is as follows:

1. Apply online

Log in to the online service hall of the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education, register an Account, log in to the homepage backend, and click on "Online Application".

2. Real name authentication

After creating an application form and completing real name authentication as required, the system will automatically obtain your entry and exit records.

3. Fill in personal information

Fill in personal information, school information, and learning experience. Degree information must be accurately filled out based on the content on the graduation certificate. For those with remote learning experience, it must be truthfully filled out.

4. Upload materials

Upload relevant supporting materials as required, and pay attention to verifying the required file format and size

5. Submit application and pay fees

After filling out all the information and verifying it to be correct, you can submit the application and pay the certification fee (RMB 360). In general, certification results can be obtained within 10-20 working days, and there will be email and SMS notifications at that time. On the eve of this, you can also log in to the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to check the progress of the transaction at any time.

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