The cost of studying abroad in France

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The cost of studying abroad in France

More and more high school graduates are choosing to study in France, but some students and parents are unaware of the benefits of doing so. Today, we'll go through the most often asked questions by high school grads and their parents.

It is too expensive to study overseas. In 30 seconds, you can calculate the cost of studying abroad.

Do high school graduates travel to France to study depending on their college admission exam scores?

China and France reaffirmed their agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications at the end of 2020, removing the requirement for French students to show college entrance examination results.

However, since this policy has not yet been fully implemented, teachers still recommend that students submit their college entrance examination scores when applying.

What are the college admission examination score requirements?

Is a high college admission examination score required? It is advised that college entrance examination results surpass 450 points for students applying to public colleges. It is advised that college entrance examination results surpass 400 points for students applying to private institutions and universities. It is advised that students applying to art schools and universities have a college entrance examination score that surpasses 350 points, as well as an art test score. The college admission examination score should be approximately 500 points for certain well-known colleges, and some schools may additionally consider the students' English or math scores.

What are the benefits of studying in France after high school?

1. The college admission examination result is not the only factor for assessing; you may fully exploit your own strengths.

2 The teaching quality is strong, the college types are diverse, and the majors are comprehensive enough to fulfill the demands of all sorts of students.

3. The academic system is brief, and the diploma is rich in gold.

4. The cost of studying abroad is quite inexpensive, and you may be eligible for a variety of advantages and subsidies. Studying abroad is inexpensive.

5 The teaching system is more cohesive and easier to apply for students who desire to pursue their master's and doctorate studies in France.

Is studying in France safe?

France has reasonably strong overall social security, as does China and any other politically stable and economically prosperous country in the globe. Furthermore, France is a gun-controlling country. Even if the goods is stolen, there should be no personal safety concerns. France, like other countries, confronts certain social security issues. The tiny population of Arabs and blacks is the primary cause of its social security challenges. In France, like with studying in other countries or attending university in any city in China, try to avoid dangerous times, such as locations where Afghans congregate and late at night.

Simultaneously, try to avoid engaging in and observing some activities with a reasonably big number of people, so that you, like 300,000 international students, may study abroad securely and smoothly.

In France, high school graduates can attend a variety of schools.

Complete public university. In France, there are around 70 comprehensive public universities that follow the license (undergraduate)-master (master)-doctoral (doctorate) academic system. Comprehensive public institutions provide broad majors and inexpensive tuition. They are many high school graduates' first option for studying in France.

Higher Education in Business. In recent years, an increasing number of French business schools have introduced undergraduate courses, utilizing the school's high-quality resources to foster undergraduate abilities with business literacy.

The majority of the programs may be taught in English, and the study term is 3-4 years, making it ideal for those interested in working in the business area.

Engineering College. In France, engineering colleges constitute a unique educational structure. They develop top personnel who understand technology as well as management. After graduation, the employment rate and compensation are both high. Some institutions recruit students from Chinese high school graduates for five-year engineering majors, which are suited for scientific students with higher marks.

Art college. Paris is the world's art hub, bringing innumerable artists to study art in France.

In France, art institutions are separated between public and private colleges that cover all majors. However, art schools in France must have an art foundation even at the undergraduate level, therefore such schools are more ideal for domestic art students to apply to.

The academy of technology. There are also several technical colleges in France, such as western gastronomy, pastry, red wine, cosmetics, and so on. Some colleges provide certificates that are not accredited but are highly regarded in the business. As a result, such schools are ideal for students who are interested in a certain industry.

The school should select Paris or another province.

Paris, being France's capital, has a concentration of educational resources, with several high-quality institutions of higher study.

It is also many students' first option for studying abroad. However, because life in Paris is rich and colorful, it is not suggested for children who lack self-control to attend a school in Paris. Second, because the cost of living in Paris is greater than in other provinces, and because high school graduates have a longer study period, the cost of studying abroad in Paris institutions will rise. Students and parents are urged to make sound decisions based on their individual situations.

Undergraduates can go to France in a variety of ways. You can enter either directly or indirectly. In France, colleges and universities are tuition-free, and there is little rivalry. These include some of the country's best universities.

French public universities are deserving of your consideration. There are also engineering schools and graduate business schools. Studying in France is an excellent option for working families.

Studying abroad is really crucial. It is more about the planning of studying abroad and the psychological preparation of students than it is about the application. Please allow me to assist you in resolving your concerns. If you want to learn more, you may contact the firm directly or pay a visit.

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