University of Manchester

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University of Manchester

I am a Manchester United fan. I have a wish to go to the Old Trafford Stadium to watch the game. Of course, it would be better if I could go to Manchester University to study as a graduate student. But I also know that my score is very low, so now it's just a dream When we first met, classmate C excitedly said to us.

In fact, as he said, C's background is not very impressive. With a GPA of around 3.1, I have not yet taken the IELTS exam, and almost all professional courses are below 80 points, making it difficult to determine the recommended teacher and having no internship experience. Moreover, student C wants to apply for an engineering management major without any background in management.

The consultant teacher of Hualian is determined to help C achieve this dream, and the team responsible for C's application has provided comprehensive planning for C's background improvement:

Firstly, Classmate C needs a strong research background to showcase his professional abilities. This experience can be compensated for by following teachers in scientific research, participating in competitions, or other innovative projects for college students. Through communication with Classmate C, the teachers found that Classmate C can participate in the College Student Science Research and Entrepreneurship Action Plan project with their classmates. Apply the knowledge learned in the project to demonstrate one's hands-on abilities.

Secondly, to compensate for the management background, the consultant teacher guides C students to attend courses at our school's business or management school, and can even help business school teachers complete research papers. Classmate C has also put in all his efforts for his dream. In just a few months, he not only attended the school's management course, but also successfully secured the opportunity to help professors in the management department complete their research papers.

Once again, to make up for the lack of practical experience, the consultant teacher guides C student to find an internship in their major, and it is best to act as an assistant to the supervisor during the internship to assist in management work. During the summer vacation of student C, he and his advisor analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of different internship units and ultimately chose the position of supervisor assistant in a power supply company. During the internship, I not only learned practical work methods and communication methods, but also applied the knowledge I learned to solve some large and small problems. In addition, with the help and guidance of supervisors and colleagues, I have learned valuable management experience.

Finally, under the guidance of the consultant teacher, student C made every effort to improve his GPA, so that he would not be directly rejected due to the disadvantages of the GPA. But even at this point, C still didn't really believe that he had the chance to be admitted to Manchester University. But just one month after submitting the application, Manchester University sent a conditional offer to student C. Classmate C is ecstatic. His efforts and those of our Hualian teachers are finally in vain. We congratulate Classmate C on such a successful result, and wish Classmate C to realize his dream in Old Trafford.

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