What is International Education, and why is it important to you?

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What is International Education, and why is it important to you?

Many people believe that 'international education' represents a new strategic direction in comprehensive education, broadening viewpoints, building various connections, and encouraging creativity and ideas across boundaries.

multinational schools have traditionally served internationally mobile expatriate families working in multinational enterprises, foreign embassies, and other institutions. Local pupils may, however, attend the schools, not least to acquire the language of teaching (typically English).

For those who are currently studying, or hoping to study an education degree, understanding the concept of international education is twofold. During your studies, you’ll automatically become part of a genuine and dynamic international community, where you’ll have invaluable access to a wide range of cultures, faiths, languages and perspectives.

Beyond your studies and throughout your profession, you should think about the academic environment in which you teach - fostering diversity and inclusiveness among students where culture and language may have previously been barriers.

International education serves as a catalyst for global transformation.

The world of international education is a melting pot of people, and studying with a global perspective guarantees students are exposed to many cultures, ethnic groups, faiths, and languages, improving society and widening everyone's academic experience.

It also, of course, creates a multicultural learning atmosphere, which is great for improving pupils' cultural awareness and promoting their understanding and respect of others from different backgrounds than their own.

A developing worldwide trend

Education is at the vanguard of global growth, and with globalization making it simpler than ever for families to go overseas for career and study possibilities, it's clear to see the appeal of pursuing an international education.

According to ISCResearch, there were 10,282 international schools, 5.36 million students, and 503,000 staff members worldwide in January 2019, with those figures expected to expand as demand for access to international education grows.

Demand for a 'Western-style' education, as well as the rising importance of the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Assessment system, indicate that the education landscape in Asia and worldwide is changing.

Professors and lecturers from all over the world, including Australia, England, mainland China, Russia, South Africa, and Hong Kong, teach students, guaranteeing a fully multinational experience. They bring a plethora of information, skills, subject-specific experience, and awareness of various educational systems from across the world with them.

International study programs like these have long been a popular approach to raise cross-cultural and cross-border understanding and appreciation.

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