What should I do if I have misplaced my diploma?

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What should I do if I have misplaced my diploma?

What to do if you lose your graduation certificate "We can solve it directly" After graduation, the graduation certificate is a very significant proof document for foreign students, however it can be lost for a variety of reasons and must be reprinted at this time. The method for reissuing lost graduation certificates is as follows.

Step1:is to report the crime.

If an overseas student's graduation certificate is misplaced, the first thing to do is notify the police. International students must report to the local police station, explain the issue, and give passports, visas, and other necessary documentation. The police station will produce a document proving that the international student's graduation certificate was actually missing.

Step 2: Make contact with the school.

International students must contact the school to notify them of the loss of their diplomas and produce evidence documentation given by the police station. International students must complete an application form and supply supporting documentation, such as passports, visas, student ID cards, and so on. The school will assess overseas students' applications and furnish supporting papers to indicate that their graduation certificates have been misplaced.

Step 3: Request a diploma.

International students must supply essential supporting papers and application forms in accordance with the school's standards, as well as apply for reissuing graduation certificates. International students' applications will be reviewed, and fresh diplomas will be issued. International students must pay a fee to cover the expense of having their degrees reissued.

Step 4: Get your new diploma.

International students must return to school to obtain a fresh graduation certificate. International students must present required supporting papers and application forms to confirm their identification and request for a replacement graduation certificate when acquiring a new graduation certificate. The school will verify the overseas students' details and present them with their new graduation certificates.

In conclusion.

The procedure of reissuing a lost graduation certificate is very time-consuming, but for overseas students, the diploma is a vital document that must be reprinted. International students should immediately contact the authorities and their institution to get a replacement graduation certificate. International students must supply required supporting documentation and application forms, as well as pay a cost, when reissuing graduation certificates. Finally, international students must return to school to obtain a fresh diploma.

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