What to do if you lose your F1 US visa?

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What to do if you lose your F1 US visa?

F1 USA visa is one of the necessary documents to study in the United States, however, sometimes it is inevitable that a visa is lost.What should we do if we encounter such a situation?This paper will argue from five perspectives, including filing, calling the police, supplementing visas, protecting personal information and preventing loss, to help you understand the right steps to take after the loss of a visa.

The first step is to record the loss of the visa in a timely manner.You can first log in to the official website of the United States Embassy in your country to access the stolen/lost passport and visa declaration page.Please fill in the appropriate form with a detailed description of your visa loss, as suggested, so that the relevant authorities can record it.

Reporting to the local police is a very important step that can effectively protect your personal rights and interests.Contact the local police to return your visa and give them a detailed description of the basic information on the visa and details of the time, location and so on.The police will issue you a certificate of visa loss, which will be of great help when supplementing your visa.

Apply for An Us Passport

If you have lost your F1 visa, you will need to apply for a F1 U.S. visa again.

First of all, please visit the U.S. Department of State's visa application website and fill in and submit the DS-160 form, which is the necessary preparatory document for applying for a non-immigrant visa for the United States.Subsequently, the corresponding visa fee is paid and an appointment for the interview is arranged.During the interview, you will need to provide a warning certificate, a copy of your passport, a DS-160 confirmation page and other relevant documents.After passing the interview, you will receive a new F1 U.S. visa.

The loss of a visa is a major loss for students, so we should also rethink and increase our vigilance after the loss of the visa, and be careful to prevent the risk that may lead to the loss.First, keep your passport and visa safe and avoid carrying important documents other than and visas.Secondly, special care should be taken when travelling to avoid theft or careless loss.

Finally, in cases where passports and visas are required, it is essential to choose reliable security facilities and properly store receipts based on the person's signature, time and date as a replacement.

Fifth, the prevention of loss: pay attention to security, avoid the occurrence of visa loss. Finally, prevention is better than treatment, we can take some measures to avoid the loss of visa.First, copy your visa and store it in a secure place for occasional needs.Secondly, scans or photographs of visas can be stored in electronic devices to prevent the loss of paper visas.In addition, periodic checks on the validity of visas are carried out in advance of renewal procedures to avoid the risks posed by the expiration of visas.


The loss of a visa is unfortunate for the holder, but we must be calm and take the right steps to deal with it.The five important aspects of tackling visa loss are filing, reporting, supplementing visas, protecting personal information and preventing loss.We can resume visas as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the loss of a visa by filing files in a timely manner, calling the police and following the appropriate procedures.Furthermore, the protection of personal information and the prevention of loss are equally important, and we should take it seriously and take appropriate security measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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