Where can I find the academic credential in English?

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Where can I find the academic credential in English?

Many of our company's main students aspire to pursue their education overseas following graduation. However, applicant institutions frequently need students to supply graduation and degree certificates as supplemental application documents, and the format must be in English or the destination country's language.

The following are the primary methods for obtaining English translations of graduation and degree certificates:

1. Made available by the original graduate school. Only a few universities in the nation can supply English documentation for graduation and degree certificates. Each school has its own set of policies. I recommend contacting the Academic Affairs Office. This is the most basic way. Submit the English materials immediately to the applying college after getting them.

2. Provide translation documents and get them stamped by the school. Many schools do not issue English documents, but they can assist with the stamping of them. Downloading the translation templates for graduation certificates and degree certificates given by the institution is part of the application procedure. When the translation is finished, go to the Academic Affairs Office window to stamp it.

3. Locate a translation provider to obtain translation certification. Some domestic colleges do not give English documents and do not help with stamping, or the procedure of applying for stamping is highly time-consuming, so students can locate a translation business to help with translation. Although it was a little investment, it saved me a lot of time and worry.

It should be mentioned that not all translation agencies are qualified to translate graduate and degree certificates. Only translation businesses that satisfy the following criteria are permitted to provide translation services for graduation and degree certificates.

1. The institution offering degree and graduation certificate translation must be a translation firm that has registered with the mainland industry and commerce department and has formal translation credentials. 'Translation services' must be included in the business scope.

2. A multilingual translation seal is required for the firm or organization. The seal must include a translation qualification code that has been approved by the public security authority. The corporate name on the seal must include the words "Translation" in Chinese, as well as the appropriate English translation.

3. The firm seal must be placed to a copy of the translator's certification certificate.

More than three requirements are required.

4. Locate a notary office to handle translation and notarization. Because some schools do not supply translation templates, student translations may be rejected. Students must first locate a professional translation business or a notary office for translation certification or notarization, and then bring the translated paper to the academic affairs office for stamping. It is vital to understand the requirements of the school you are applying for before deciding whether to acknowledge the translation company's certification documents or the certified documents of the notary office. The prices of the two are not the same. Notarization is more costly since translation is required before notarization.

Translation certification differs from translation notarization in that translation certification is a translation stamp supplied by a translation business. The goal is to demonstrate that the original text's and translation's content is consistent. A notary office handles translation notarization. Because many notary offices do not immediately provide translation services, students must first seek translation from a translation business after getting their original education and degree certificates. As a result, notarization is also known as re notarization of translation certification. The goal of notarization is to demonstrate that the translation has the same legal effect as the original text.

Each applying school has its own set of policies. It is vital to have a clear knowledge in advance about whether to recognize the graduation certificate or degree certificate of the graduation institution, or if it is certified by a translation firm or notarized by a notary office. It is not simple to apply to study abroad. I hope that all students will be able to apply to their dream university.

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