Which is important, education or degree?

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Which is important, education or degree?

Most undergraduate students admitted through unified enrollment can obtain academic and degree certificates upon graduation, but adult education undergraduate students do need to apply, and there are conditions for applying. I believe many people have this question: Is it not enough to have a diploma after graduation? Do I have to apply for a degree certificate?

What is the importance of academic certificates and degree certificates?

Although there is only a one word difference between academic certificates and degree certificates, there are still significant differences between the two. So what is the difference between a degree certificate and a degree certificate?

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Firstly, we need to understand the meaning of education. Education refers to our experience in receiving cultural education and skill training.

The education level in our country ranges from low to high, including primary education, junior high school education, high school education, tertiary education, bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree.

Academic certificates refer to certificates (academic certificates) issued by schools and other educational institutions authorized by the state to issue degree certificates after being approved by the education administrative department and implementing academic education.

Academic certificates can be divided into three types: graduation certificate, completion certificate, and completion certificate. Students who have completed all the courses specified in the teaching plan and passed the course grades, moral character, and physical education scores will be awarded a graduation certificate.

Those who have completed all the courses specified in the teaching plan, but still fail one or more courses after re examination but are not within the scope of repetition or have not completed the required credits, and have passed the moral and physical education scores, will be issued a completion certificate.

Students who have studied for more than one academic year but have not completed the courses specified in the teaching plan and have dropped out midway (excluding those who have been dropped out) can obtain a dropout certificate.

A degree is an academic title that signifies that the educational level and academic level of the educated person have reached the prescribed standards, and is awarded from the undergraduate level onwards.

Degrees in China are divided into three levels: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. Scholar's degrees are awarded by higher education institutions authorized by the State Council, while master's and doctoral degrees are awarded by higher education institutions and scientific research institutions authorized by the State Council.

Do I have to apply for a degree certificate?

Degree certificates and graduation certificates are independent of each other and will not affect undergraduate graduation. Whether to apply for a degree certificate mainly depends on individual willingness, and each person can make decisions based on their own exam purpose and personal situation. If you need to apply for a degree certificate, it is recommended that you prepare for the degree English exam in advance, which is the key to obtaining a degree certificate.

Degree and education are different. Although the two are independent of each other, they are essentially the same in terms of importance. If it is necessary to compare the advantages and disadvantages, it can be divided into two situations: domestic and foreign:

1. Domestic situation

Relatively speaking, educational certificates are more important. For example, when you are looking for a job, companies will prioritize providing a graduation certificate, but now more and more companies require a degree certificate. Employees with a bachelor's degree are more important in the evaluation of their professional titles. advantage.

Postgraduate entrance examination, public entrance examination, and graduation certificate are all necessary conditions. If not, you cannot apply. However, it would be even better if you have a degree certificate, which can make your application more outstanding.

2. The situation abroad

For foreign countries, degree certificates are more important because there is no degree education abroad, only the distinction between degrees (bachelor's, master's, doctoral). Most Chinese international students can only study preparatory courses without a degree certificate. Therefore, students who want to go abroad should first obtain a degree certificate.

Overall, the requirements for degree certificates in various industries in China are also gradually increasing. Therefore, it is recommended that students who can obtain a degree certificate try to get their degree as much as possible.

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