Why should you study in the Dutch?

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Why should you study in the Dutch?

1. Reasonable tuition prices

If you are a European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) national, tuition at Dutch public institutions is quite low. Typically, you will not spend more than 2,100 EUR each academic year, with many study programs costing less.

Non-EU/EEA students, on the other hand, pay anything between 6,000 and 20,000 EUR per year. When compared to tuition prices of nearly 50,000 EUR per year in the United States, this is still far less expensive.

2. There are no language hurdles.

Over 90% of Dutch citizens are fluent in English. You won't have to worry about language issues if you want to visit a major tourist spot on your own, ask for directions, or buy anything from a shop.

The prevalence of the English language also makes it very simple to socialize and connect with others, to participate in social and cultural activities, or just to meet new people and go out.

3. Work flexibility upon graduation

Work flexibility implies two things in this case: first, you may work in any profession after graduation and enjoy outstanding earnings and employee perks; and second, the Netherlands is one of the leading countries where the 4-day work week is a frequent choice in all sectors of the economy.

4. A bike enthusiast's paradise

According to government figures, there are more over 23 million motorcycles in the Netherlands, which is more than the total population (approximately 17 million). Cycle lanes are absolutely everywhere, and many students and employees utilize them on a regular basis to travel.

It is an excellent approach to minimize air pollution while also improving personal health and well-being.

5. The Netherlands is a safe and delightful place to visit.

The Netherlands is one of the world's safest and happiest countries. This is hardly unexpected given the high level of life, educated population, and society as a whole.

Furthermore, you can always ride your bike to school because the distances are minimal and there is usually some cultural activity going on.

Consider a pre-MBA, pre-Law, or pre-Medicine program, as well as any other foundation or preparatory courses that will allow you to study in your desired degree program.

Improve your English by taking an English prep course.

If you are studying in the Netherlands, you will need to demonstrate that your language abilities are sufficient to participate in classes and follow lectures; some schools will demand Dutch, while others will require high English skills. These courses will help prepare you for any English-language examinations required by institutions.

English language exams

Depending on the language you intend to study, you will need to present the following language certificates:

For Dutch: Dutch TUL or Dutch NT2-II diploma

For English:  TOEFL, IELTS, or C1 Advanced, PTE Academic

Sometimes, if you don’t hold a language certificate, you can take a language test at the university and find out if your level is good enough.

This option is only available at some universities, so always check with the institution!

Dutch Degree

This is a compliant process for obtaining a Dutch diploma. If you have any questions, please contact us, Our major is beyond your imagination. If your transcript is lost, your I-20 form is lost, your preparatory certificate or enrollment contract is lost, your Latin degree certificate is lost, your F-1 visa is lost, your J-1 visa is lost, your DS-2019 form is lost, your study permit is lost, your Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification is lost, your residence card, student ID, registration certificate is lost, your dual course transcript is lost, your internship certificate or internship contract is lost.

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